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Pioneer Foods


(021) 807-5100

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Pioneer Foods Corporate Office
32 Market Street
South Africa

PO Box 20

Operating in the food and beverages business sectors, Pioneer Foods’ core business is the production and distribution of a diverse range of food, beverages and related products. Focused on products for both human and animal consumption, Pioneer Foods is a significant player in these industries in southern Africa.

Employing more than 11 000 permanent employees, the Group has a leadership position in the staple foods segment with value-added quality products, and a diversified and expanding portfolio of premium household brands, across all market segments of the LSM categories. The Group’s sophisticated research and development infrastructure and wide distribution network, enable it to pass cost benefits on to the consumer, achieved through efficiently managed economies of scale, and are comparable to the best in the southern African food industry. Underpinning the quest to produce affordable products of a consistently high quality, is a serious commitment to food safety and nutritional ethics.

The business operates through its four main divisions –

Sasko manufactures a range of affordable grain-based staple foods. In addition to wheaten and maize products, it also trades in rice, beans, lentils and dried vegetables and has one of South Africa’s largest bakery operations with bakeries and depots located throughout the country

Bokomo Foods produce some of South Africa’s best-known breakfast cereals, rusks, biscuits, cake mixes, baking aids, instant mash potato and soy products, as well as dried fruit products, nuts, spreads, dehydrated vegetables and processed salads

The Agri business produces poultry and animal feeds, chickens, eggs, processed egg and processed chicken-based products

The Ceres Beverage Company is one of the largest producers of fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks (including Pepsi, 7-Up, Mirinda and Mountain Dew) and fruit concentrate mixtures

Within the Group there are a number of international joint ventures, the most notable of which is a 49.9% stake in Heinz Foods SA. The joint venture is between Pioneer Foods and HJ Heinz Company of the USA and operates in the condiments and convenient food markets' producing tomato sauces and ketchup, frozen foods, seafood tinned products, tinned food, instant meals and noodles. Bowman Ingredients South Africa is a 50% joint venture with Jas Bowman & Son in the UK' supplying food ingredients to South Africa’s large food producers.

Pioneer Foods is committed to and accountable for ethical conduct anchored in the core values of the Group and strongly subscribes to the principles of good corporate governance. The group strives to be an employer of choice and is committed to attraction, motivation, development and retention of talent.

The household brands include:

Sasko flour, White Star and Blue Bird maize meal, Sasko Sam, Daybreaker, Uncle Salie's, Nature’s Harvest, Duens, Powervite, Puccini, Pasta Grande, Spekko Rice, Nice Rice, Thrift Pack Rice, Select Rice, Louzaan Rice, Imbo and Crossbow beans.

Bokomo Foods
Weet-Bix, Bran-Bix, Nu-Bix, ProNutro, Maximize, Funkydz, Crunchies, Otees, Cornflakes, Bran Flakes, Maltabella, Instant Oats, Nature’s Source muesli, Bokomo muesli, rusks, breakfast bars, Up&Go, Kwality biscuits, So Fresh, Simply Soy, Moir’s baking ingredients, Moir's baking mixes, Moir’s cake decorations, jelly and instant desserts, custard powder, Creamo, Maizena, Meat Magic, Smash and Bokomo Crumbs, Safari booster, Safari raisins, Safari just fruit bars, Safari funky fruit sticks, Razo’s, Sugarbird cherries, marzipan, glacé ginger preserves, maraschino cherries, glacé fruits and jams, Marmite, Bovril, Redro, Peck's Anchovette, Iona, Werda Salads.

The Ceres Beverage Company
Ceres pure fruit juices, Ceres Select, Ceres Junior Juice, Ceres Tomato Cocktail, Ceres Sparkling, Ceres Bottled Spring Water, Liqui-fruit , Liqui Cooler, Fruitree, Jabba, Superfruit, Daly’s, Wild Island, Jungle Yum, Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, 7-Up, Mirinda and Mountain Dew.

Nulaid eggs, Barn eggs, Quantum eggs, Tydstroom chicken, Free range chicken and deboned chicken.

Heinz Ketchup, HP Sauce, Heinz baked beans, soups and 2 minute noodles, Wellington's balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, chutney and sauces, John West assorted canned and tinned fish and spices, Today puff pastry, frozen meals, and Mama’s pies.

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