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07 January 2014

6 Career resolutions for 2014

Career resolutions 2014The festivities have finally died down and a lot of you will be a few weeks into sober-January. It’s now time to focus on your career resolutions for 2014, or to advise your staff members about their career path quandaries. Here are a few suggestions. I suggest you write these down and put quarterly calendar reminders in place so you remember to review them.

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22 January 2015

MTN restructuring not about job cuts

MTN could end up with more employees by the time it completes the restructuring of its business enterprise unit, says chief enterprise officer Alpheus Mangale.The reorganisation and transformation of MTN's enterprise business unit could se

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21 January 2015

New sales head for Neotel

All of Neotel's sales and marketing staff will now report to Craige Fleischer.Samsung SA's former mobile head Craige Fleischer moves to SA's second national operator

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21 January 2015

More than 500 MTN staff face uncertain future

MTN needs the right skills to venture into new markets, says chief enterprise officer Alpheus Mangale.Close to 600 MTN SA employees will likely have to reapply for their jobs, as the company is seeking to reorganise and transform its enterprise business unit.

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21 January 2015

Intel must target internal diversity

Instead of blaming the education "pipeline", Intel should focus on workforce diversity within its walls, experts say.

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19 January 2015

New appointee to Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) division at allaboutXpert

Lyzette Lourens.Lyzette Lourens will take over from Bishan Ruder, who headed up allaboutXpert's Microsoft Enterprise Project Management division.

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16 January 2015

Comstor appoints data centre architecture lead

The value-added distributor has named David Odayar as datacentre architecture lead.

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13 January 2015

A not-to-be-missed software testing seminar

The seminars will be aimed at test professionals of all levels.

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12 January 2015

IBM exec joins MTN

Debbie Minnaar joins the cellular company's growing enterprise business team.

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