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07 January 2014

6 Career resolutions for 2014

Career resolutions 2014The festivities have finally died down and a lot of you will be a few weeks into sober-January. It’s now time to focus on your career resolutions for 2014, or to advise your staff members about their career path quandaries. Here are a few suggestions. I suggest you write these down and put quarterly calendar reminders in place so you remember to review them.

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01 July 2015

'More ICT retrenchments to come'

Job-shedding is likely to continue this year, but analysts say there is only so much companies can cut.The ICT sector is expected to continue shedding jobs, but observers say downsizing is expected to slow in the foreseeable future.

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30 June 2015

ICASA chairman's 'uninspiring' tenure ends

ICASA chairman for the past five years, Steven Mncube, leaves the regulator at the end of today, with a lengthy \The regulator needs strong leadership now, more than ever, as Stephen Mncube leaves a legacy of unfinished proj

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29 June 2015

MTN lays charges against store attackers

The CWU says it is not liable for acts of violence away from the picket line.Police are studying the security video footage of an attack on MTN employees at a Midrand retail outlet.

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29 June 2015

More resignations hit Twitter

Rishi Garg, VP of corporate development and strategy, resigns from the company to pursue other projects.

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29 June 2015

Facebook staff still lacks diversity

The social network's most recent diversity data reveals little progress over the last year.

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27 June 2015

MTN strike turns increasingly violent

ITWeb understands union members threw petrol over MTN staff.Despite an imminent settlement, disgruntled CWU members are increasingly turning to violence over a pay dispute with MTN.

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26 June 2015

Trustlink appoints Craig Verster as head of sales

Craig Verster take on the role of executive manager: sales, effective as of last month.

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25 June 2015

Yahoo security exec defects to Facebook

Alex Stamos will replace Joe Sullivan, who left Facebook in April to join Uber Technologies.

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