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We are pleased to announce a private-format CV presentation.

It enables job seekers to post their CVs in incognito mode - to expose their skills, education, work experience and credentials to the top recruiters in the country, without revealing their identity.

The recruiters will be able to request contact with a job seeker who chose incognito mode, and the job seeker will have the choice of accepting or rejecting the contact request. If the seeker accepts the request, the contact details will be sent to the recruiter, and the recruitment process will continue from there.

In the incognito mode, a job seeker also has the option of predefining which recruitment agencies get to view his or her contact details

Your CV is currently disabled and by default it is set to 'Incognito mode', meaning that recruitment agencies (or your current employer) cannot see your contact details.

Should a recruitment agency wish to engage with you, they need to send you a contact request. You then have the option to allow them to view your contact details, so that they can communicate with you further.

However, you will still have to approve/activate your CV. In order to activate your CV, please login and set your CV to enabled. If you don't enable your CV, it will remain disabled regardless of the mode.

You also have the option of remaining in the 'Incognito mode' or making your contact details visible to all.

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