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Recruitment Agency
Date Added 6 Apr 2016
Expiry Date 4 May 2016
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Role details:
The purpose of this job is to lead a team that provides a professional Helpdesk remote support service to UCS TS customers in order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction levels to satisfy client needs and UCS TS methodologies.
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1. Provide remote support to clients 50% • Resolve calls within SLA standards.
• Identify, understand and resolve the problem and root cause of each incident.
• Self-training and self-development to ensure competence in an ever changing environment.
• Clear and professional communication with all stakeholders.
• Follow up and update systems, internal and external parties as required.
• Investigate ,document queries before assigning to 3rd level
• Ensure the client is assisted efficiently and effectively on a world class level of customer satisfaction.
2. Function as part of a team 10% • Contribute in a positive manner to a professional and ethical work environment.
• Achieve SLA’s on an individual, team and Helpdesk level.
• Self-management in line with performance and development standards.
3. Administrative and Managerial Tasks 40% • Execute tasks timeously and accurately as required.
• Agreed reports are submitted as required.
• Quality Assurance: Ensures that agents have updated all incidents with relevant detail
• Regular analysis of logged incidents/incoming calls to establish incident logging trends
• Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
• Management Reports
• Meetings (Attend, Chair)
• Ensure that a competent team is in place and focus on skills development where required
• Assign incident logging tasks
• Update work rosters
• Schedule the testing and rollout of new software
• Ensure version control is managed and controlled
• Approve leave
• Regular contact with staff, colleagues , management , clients and internal departments
• Assisting agents with self-training and their continuous development
• Document all processes applicable to the Helpdesk and ensure that they are current.
• Motivating agents
• Setting goals for agents
• Manage Performance
• Perform Appraisals
• Determine training needs for team
• Implement training events
• Self-training
• Self-motivation
Provide remote support to clients
Ensure that the team :
• Responds as per SLA.
• Responds as per CTR
• Logs, Queries and complaints resolved speedily (within SLA).
• Investigates problems and suggests possible solutions.
• Updated all calls with root cause detail
• Gives good input and detail diagnostics with every call.
• Take ownership and responsibility of calls logged.
• Ensure that all interactions with the client are professional and positive.
• Follow up on all outstanding queries and update logs on a regular basis as per severity
• Ensure all calls have a meaningful detailed root cause.
• Escalate where appropriate.
• Works overtime if and when necessary based on severity of calls and shifts.
Function as part of a team
• Self-Training
• Self-Motivation
• Assist with setting goals for team/department and work towards achieving goals
• Manage own performance
• Participate in Appraisal sessions
• Assist co-workers readily
• Escalate where appropriate
• Regular contact with staff, colleagues , management , clients and internal departments
Administrative and Managerial Tasks
• Regularly analyses calls to establish trends and root causes.
• Follow up and regularly update development calls with root cause and relevant details.
• Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) internal and external.
• Perform Monitoring of services
• Ensure Team functions effectively and efficiently as per the tasks set out